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We offer the following options for your vehicle build project using the Ford 7.3L Godzilla Engine. 


Choose the package that's right for you


Front Cover Kit for the Ford 7.3L Crate Engine with Stock Oil Pump/Pan:

Indy Power Products has designed several components for the 7.3L Ford Performance Crate Engine, starting with our front cover designed for use with the stock oil pan/pump.  These packages make the 7.3L engine more suitable for swap applications and include complete Front Accessory Drive kits. 

Our exclusive Indy Power Products' Front Accessory Drive kits are based around the 1994-1995 Ford 5.0L reverse rotation water pump, utilizing a single serpentine belt drive.  The system is compatible with the stock Ford 7.3L crank damper, maintaining the Ford 7.3L belt location.  

If you are utilizing the stock Ford 7.3L oil system, and looking for a complete engine swap kit designed to work with the existing Ford Oil Pump/Pan,  we recommend the Indy Power Products Billet Front Cover Assembly, the Front Accessory Drive Package of your choice, and a locked  VVT with Cam swap.  


Front Cover with Oil Pump Conversion Kit for Ford 7.3L Crate Engine:

Indy Power Product's Engine Oil Pump Conversion Kit is a great solution for reducing the overall package size of the Ford 7.3L Godzilla Truck Engine.  It eliminates the Truck deep sump pan, oil cooler and shaft driven variable vane oil pump as well as the oversized front original equipment timing cover. The Indy Power Products billet front cover is designed to work with any of the Indy Power Products front accessory drives (all single belt, 6 rib poly V with automatic tensioners).  

The additional Indy Power Products rear sump oil pan reduces the oil pan depth by as much as 3.6”.  We also offer a front sump a cobra-style oil pan, along with our FEAD options and engine accessories,  all fit this front cover.


The Turn Key 7.3L Crate Engine Package:

If you are looking for a complete turn key engine solution, Indy Power Products offers the Ford 7.3L Godzilla crate engine, with a modified oil system and FEAD of your choice.  


The Indy Power Products' Ford 7.3L Crate Engine Package includes the base Godzilla crate engine with a modified oiling system, which reduces the overall size of the engine and allows more flexibility for installation.   The oil pan can be configured as rear sump, front  sump, cobra style, or custom.  Each engine comes with a standard Willis Stage 1 NA Cam and locked VVT.  You'll be offered the Front Accessory Drive Package of your choice.  A number of engine accessories are also available for you to customize your engine.

Each engine is built to order.


Front Cover Kit for the Ford 7.3L Engine with Stock Oil System

Front Cover with Oil Pump Conversion Kit for the Ford 7.3L Engine

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Turn-Key Ford 7.3L Crate Engine

Customized with your choice of Oil Pan, FEAD, & Accessories

FEAD Options

Engine Accessories

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