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Proudly owned and operated in Indianapolis, IN 
with a passion for performance and commitment to quality.

With over 30 years of experience in the performance automotive industry, Jim Ryder delivers engineering expertise combined with hands-on mechanical skill.  Jim's know-how, gained from his background in automotive manufacturing and competitive racing, provides a unique combination of product design, practical application, and problem solving, applied to each project approached.


Nancy Ryder has spent 30+ years handling a broad scope of marketing and operations activation projects within the automotive, racing, and aftermarket industries. She has offered key support for corporate growth initiatives across various business channels by leading organized plans for success.


Combined, this team offers a solid foundation to supply clients' with best-in-class design, products, and services, and extends a network of resources to support each unique request.


We believe each customer should be offered the highest level of professional support.   Coming from a competitive industry that requires top-performing products and services, we can relate to the expectation of receiving the highest quality support.  Our goal is to supply nothing less than what we would expect for ourselves to our own clients.  Our commitment is to deliver top quality services and components, in a reliable time-frame, with a professional approach.


With years of experience and exposure to a broad scope of customers and projects, we have learned to approach each request with a fresh set of eyes and personal attention.  We understand, regardless of the scope of work, that each customer has a unique goal in mind and it's important to clearly understand each client's needs and details. 


We value your investment.  Our goal is to ensure our customers' goals are met with quality products and superior service.

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